150th Year of Mary: A Journey of Faith, Life and Culture of Lopezenos

Yanu yan ay! Sesquicentennial Rosario Festival na! Tara, Uwi ka na!


Doon Po Sa Amin Sesquicentennial Celebration

 150th Year of Mary: A Journey of Faith, Culture, and Life of Lopezeños

Welcome to our Webpage Sesquicentinario Rosario Festival. This  is the official entry of  Lopez National Comprehensive School for the “Doon po sa Amin Ano ang Kwento Mo?” Video Blogging Challenge. This falls under the Arts and Culture  category.

Who will not be proud of this year’s celebration of the Rosario Festival?

Rosario Festival is a feast showcasing the best of Lopezeños celebrating the 150th year of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish. This year’s celebration highlights Lopezeños’ talents, skills, tradition, culture and heart for our sacred patron.

II. Meet the Team DPSA Rosario

IIICommunity Profile

IV. Methodology

V.  Video Collection

     A. Background of the Study

     B.  Conclusion

The research team concluded that for the past 150 years, Rosario Festival continue to transpire due to the unlocking faith of each Lopezeños to their sacred patron. It is also observable that in this municipality, youth are closer to the church than to vices others are addicted to. Evidence to this is the daily praying of rosary of the youth in the church. more…

     C. Recommendation

The research team suggests having a wider range of information dissemination for the celebrations and activities so that much people would know and could come to experience the fun of the Rosario Festival. more…

VI.  Bibliography